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4 options provided by Indian Government to earn Money from Home


1. GEM: Government eMarket Place

Government of India has created an ePortal named as GEM on the lines of Flipkart and Amazon wherein you can register for free and basis demand from different government offices, you can supply those items forward. For this you will need to work along with Manufactures.


2. Mahila E-Haat:

This is an initiative by the Indian Government to help ladies work directly from Home. Using this portal ladies can sell house made products or the product that are created by manufacturers and being sold by ladies online. The platform has been developed by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.



This APP has been mentioned quite a few times by Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If you make any person join with the BHIM APP then after 3 transaction done by that person on the BHIM APP you will get 10 Rs. So, in case if you can make 20 people join the APP, then you can earn around 200 Rs. per day.


4. Solar Power Generation:

Government of India has allowed and asked people to put solar panels on their Roof Tops and generate Solar electricity which they can supply to other people and the Power distribution companies as well. You can get all the related details on the Mobile APP Arun for the same and to apply for the scheme you can visit this link.



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