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6 Inspiring Indian Teachers who are changing the Indian Society


There are many teaching faces in the country who are defying the odds of the society and proving yet again that teaching is the most Noble profession.  Here goes the list for all the greats.

Anand Kumar

Name itself is enough, known to most of the people preparing for Engineering Competitive Exams. Anand kumar himself has been a very bright student who could not attend Cambridge university because of lack of funds. Anand Kumar started very popular “Super 30” program in year 2000 where he helps students to prepare for IIT JEE. So far ~390 students out of 450 have successfully qualified for the most esteemed IIT’s.

Anand kumar has been covered in a documentary from Discovery channel and his life journey is also soon to be covered in an upcoming movie.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma

A college dropout running a general store himself is the person who teaches ~200 children’s under a metro rail flyover near Yamuna Bank metro station in Delhi. Started with 2, today the initiative has grown into a school.

Abdul Malik

This great man swims across the river to reach his students on time. He does so to reduce the commuting time to just 15 minutes from 3 hrs. otherwise if he uses a bus.

Aditya Kumar

With no other means to travel apart from a bicycle, Aditya Kumar travels from Lucknow to Ranchi to spread about the need for education. Teaches students who cannot afford to go to school. He has been praised by Mr. Akhilesh Yadav – Former CM UP for his initiative.

Babar Ali

Called as the youngest headmaster at the Age of 16 by BBC for running a school in Mushidabad West Bengal, this young teaches in his own school around 800 students with 10 teachers. By the way he himself is studying as well.

Arvind Gupta

Man, behind the idea of developing toys from trash and experiments to make learning a joyous experience. He has delivered his experiences on big platforms like TED as well. Here is the TED video.


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