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Boost Wifi Signals: How to get the most out of your Wifi


Wi-Fi Router should be kept at a High Vantage Point: Ideally you should try to keep the Wi-Fi router hanged in the middle of the wall. Doing so will remove obstructions available on the ground and there will be lesser clutter on the high points. All this will allow free flow of Wi-Fi signals across the house.

Keep the Wi-Fi router in the open and unobstructed area: Wi-Fi signals flows in the form of waves, to keep the waves flowing without obstruction we need to make sure that we have Wi-Fi devices placed at open areas with routers having nothing besides it. The more open the surroundings the better the waves will flow.

Wi-Fi routers should be kept away from these devices: Wi-Fi devices should not be kept near electronic devices like TV and microwaves. Ideally it should be kept away from any electronic device as all electronic components has their own frequency that can interrupt with the Wi-Fi signals.

Try adjusting Wi-Fi antennas and their pointing direction: ideally all the Wi-Fi devices comes with antennas that are adjustable. We need to tweak them to get proper signals. Also, the direction of antennas should ideally be pointing to the receiving devices like Laptop, mobiles, etc.

Use Speed test APPS to test Wi-Fi performance and get better output: APPS like “Speed Analyzer” can be downloaded for Android from Google Play store to see speeds and related improvements for Wi-Fi speeds.


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