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8 foods that are Natural Painkillers


1. Cherries
Contains high levels of antocyanin and bioflavonoids which are responsible for anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect.

2. Ginger
Strong anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help in preventing arthritis pain, stomach ache, menstrual pain and chest pain.

3. Cloves
contains a powerful natural anesthetic eugenol which works as a natural remedy for tooth aches and gum pain.

4. Coffee
Coffee contains caffeine that acts as a pain killer that helps reducing sensitivity to pains. Also, helps in eliminating migraine.

5. Plain Yogurt
It is known to alleviate symptoms of bloating, inflation and pain. Also, eases digestion and helps relieving the abdominal pain.

6. Turmeric
Natural pain killer that helps in toothaches, chronic pain, back pain, muscular pain and swelling.

7. Salt
Helps in dehydrating body cells and thus helping in relief from pains and aches.

8. Peppermint
Helps in relieveing Indigestion, muscular pains, toothache and headache.


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