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Is Cheese Good or Bad for You, decide after reading this


There are different thoughts over cheese being healthy or unhealthy. Per traditional thoughts cheese is fat laden and high cholesterol food whereas the modern thinking believes that cheese is actually good for you.


Abundant Calcium Content: one ounce of cheese generally helps sufficing your 1/4th of the recommended calcium intake.

Helps in preventing cavities: there are some proteins found in cheese that helps in reducing cavities.

Full of Proteins: contains proteins that are good for muscles and heart functions.


High level of fat: there are high levels of saturated fats that might lead to heart related diseases.

Cheese has a high Salt Content: sodium levels in cheese are high thus might increase the salt levels in the blood and this leading to high blood pressure.

High on Calories: 100 gms. of cheese contain approximately 350 – 400 calories that are difficult to eliminate with regular physical work or exercise.



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