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Food combinations that are Dangerous. Did you know?


Cereal and Juice

These both together will not give you enough energy. Orange juice contains acids that lowers the activity of enzymes that break down carbohydrates.

Pizza and Soda:

Most of us eat Pizza with drinks. The Carbs, proteins and starch take up a lot of body’s energy for Digestion. On the other hand, soda slows down digestion.

Burger and Fries:

Ohh.. the all-time combination that we generally have while we go for Burgers feast. Since the Burger and fried are both deep fried these both will lower the blood sugar levels making you feel tired and sleepy.

Tomatoes in Pasta:

Pasta is rich in starchy carbs and is difficult to digest. While, tomatoes are highly and caused resistance in digestion of starch thus cause bloating.

Yogurt and Fruit:

When protein rich yogurt comes in contact with acidic fruit, it removes digestive fibers and produces toxins that have even lead to cold allergies.

Fruits after a Complete Meal:

Not a good idea to have fruits after a filled stomach as fruits do not require digestion whereas food does so making foods to stay in stomach for a long time.


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