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World’s First “Zero” Star Hotel, WOW worth trying out


Sounds Absurd right, but it’s true. There is a Hotel in Switzerland that is known to be the first Zero Star Hotel in the world. This Hotel does not have walls, doors, and other Hotel amenities.

Located in the Swiss Alps, this hotel offers a unique experience. The Whole concept is conceptualized by the Null Stern Hotel with the idea of Experiencing the nature in its true form. The idea has been the brainchild of artists Frank and Patrik Riklin and hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier to showcase beauty of Switzerland’s Landscapes.

This Hotel is located at a height of 6,463 feet above the sea level and staying here you will need to Pay ~ $ 210 for a night. Hotel also offers you a Private Butler to cater to your needs who lives in a nearby cabin. There are no Bathrooms and Urination facilities near the room, but you can use Public Urinals around 10 minutes away from the room.


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