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WOW! 7 progressive work laws that India can learn from


We always have fight to balance between our work life and social/personal. Considering the labor laws and rules in India it becomes a more tedious task. Though multinational companies in India might have provided day care facilities, flexi work hours, etc. but in reality, we lag a lot behind a lot of counties having employee friendly laws.

1.UAE has a “Reading Break” law introduced to be mandatory during work hours

UAE’s national law of reading allows government staff to read at work that also helps them to catch with the fellow employees.

2. Austria has a rule for people to get a compulsory paid vacation

Workers in Austria gets 22 working days of paid vacation per year. Workers with more than 25 years of work experience gets entitled for more paid time off’s. Also, they have a 13-day paid holiday policy with any employee working on these days is doubly compensated.

3. Right to Disconnect: French law allows workers to disconnect from work emails after office.

This law ensures that the workers and paid fairly and are given ample time to manage their private life. Work related emails are generally a major source of stress.

4. Workers in Netherlands have a weekend of 3 days

Sounds great! Isn’t it. This helps you plan longer vacations, more time for friends and family. Are you thinking to move there?

5. Travel time is considered as working time for European workers

2 years ago, European court of Justice ruled that the time taken to travel to and from work location will be counted as working time.

6. Work in Portugal. Don’t get Fired

Great….. Per the labor laws in the country the termination period is not defined. Only if the employee gets a decent resignation package and is satisfied, only then the employee can be asked to leave.


7. Love Sleeping. There are mandatory Nap hours in Japan

To ensure better performance more and more companies in Japan are encouraging employees to sleep on the job.


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